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RH Advantage provides you with cashback whenever you shop onlineat thousands of online stores. Shop as you normally would at your favourite stores and after you have made your purchase you will receive an extra cash rebate paid into your bank account.

That’s what RH Advantage does, it unlocks for you added saving benefits and cash backs on so many of your everyday expenses, an initiative of Raine & Horne South Australia, it’s Raine & Horne’s way of helping you save towards that holiday, new car or investment property.

RH Advantage is the first place thousands of shoppers now look to when buying ANYTHING ONLINE...and it's completely free to join for a standard member. Free membership will give you savings up to 30% cash back at 1000’s of online stores plus additional savings and cash back across the largest online travel site in the world.

The option for even greater savings is available through the Gold Membership level, this level of member does incur an annual charge but also makes available a saving across a range of gift cards which is not available to standard members which includes savings up to 30% cash back at 1000’s of online stores + an EXTRA 6% cash back onto of the FREE Membership benefits + access to a 5% discount across major retailers with our exclusive eCards + the opportunity to receive a $20 bonus with our 'refer a friend' program + All FREE Member benefits included.

After all at Raine & Horne their motto is “We’ll look after you” and they want to help with more than just your property needs and helping you to get to where you want to be in life by helping you save everyday seems like a great way to start.

Earning cashback is simple: Just remember to start your online shopping at

Some commonly asked questions...

It sounds too good to be true, are they any hidden costs?

It’s the first question we always get asked, and that’s fair enough too. We can guarantee there are no hidden costs associated with signing up to a free membership with RH Advantage, you will start receiving a discount straight away, but if you want to save even more, there is an annual cost for the Gold Membership.

So how come I will get money back when I shop with you? It’s actually quite simple.

Here’s how it works. The retailers that we partner with pay us to promote offers, sales and deals to our members from the money they would traditionally be paying to run a big ad in the paper or a television commercial. We receive a payment from them whenever you click through RH Advantage and shop. We then pass the majority of this on to you in the form of cashback after we receive payment from the retailer. And everyone is happy!

Can I browse the discounts before I sign up?

You sure can, simply log onto www.rhadvantage.com.au and click on the Online Stores button and have a browse. With over 1000 retailers from across a very broad range of popular categories we are certain you’ll find an offer, or two that’ll you will like.

Is it safe and secure?

Yes. To ensure your personal information is secure, RH Advantage uses SecurePay, which guarantees maximum security and all online partners also offer high level security when purchasing through them.

How much money can I get back?

The amount you can get back is limitless, the cashback is paid as a percentage of what you spend, so it goes without saying that the more you spend the more you can earn. On average our active members receive hundreds of dollars each per year back on their everyday spending. Go to our online calculator to work out how much you can save.

How do I get paid my cashback?

Once you’ve made a purchase through the links on RH Advantage, we track the amount of cashback that you’re due. . It will also show as 'Recorded' on your personalised Account page. Once the retailer confirms your purchase, your cashback will be paid into your nominated account. As the money comes in, we’ll automatically pay it out to you.